Léonart is an application developed for artistic and heritage places and thought to offer an unparalleled cultural experience to their visitors
— Christian Beckendorf - co-founder

Léonart’s features


The worksheet includes any digital contents you have at your disposal : images, informations, audioguide, links, quizz…


In clients’ venues, thanks to the photograph of an admired artwork, the visitor gets an access to its worksheet and uncover its story.


Léonart offers an intuitive and fast tool to the venues in order to create thematic tours, events and guidance of their collections.



The user saves his complete cultural history of visits in his gallery and can access it at any time te relive them and find its favorites artworks, artists and favorite places.


Léonart suggests visits of other Léonart’s venues to its user thanks to its location, its cultural preferences and places notifications.


The homepage hosts every news of Léonart’s using venues as well as some artworks uncover and newspaper articles.


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