The app that accompany visitors during their cultural visits

Léonart is an intuitive, fun and multilingual app that visitors use during their visits in any cultural venues : museums, gallery, foundations, art centers, heritage sites…

Thanks to its innovative features, Léonart offers the best in-situ experience to the visitors : artworks’ photographic recognition, audioguide, qualitative information about artworks, and artists, augmented reality…


Léonart, a unique cultural & digital experience

Museums, galleries, art centers, foundations, heritage sites… Your digital revolution is underway so we created Léonart to accompany you !

Much more than an app that transforms cultural visits into fun, instructive and participative experiences for all your publics, Léonart offers real business development opportunities to its clients’ venues.


Léonart, the app that changes the visits

Léonart is a fun and multilingual application that saves every visits created by its users. Léonart’s users have an access to their gallery where they find previous visits, favorites places, artworks… and can navigate into the 400 000 artworks, 35 000 artists referenced in our database…

Visitors can use Léonart on any smartphone or tablet and enjoy all the features from the photographic recognition of artworks, thematic tours, audioguide, to qualitative information about the artworks, the venues or the artists...

Léonart offers a complementary approach to existing media and allows to discover many venues in an original and evolutionary way.


Léonart, the best tool of cultural venues

The app is quickly and intuitively configured by the venues themselves from a custom web interface. Thanks to our basic course, our customers are completely independants regarding to the contents available in the application put at the disposal of their visitors.

Thanks to its features and its network, Léonart helps places to communicate in order to attract, support and retain their visitors, to know them and follow them in time.

In order for our customers to benefit from a powerful application, our team is constantly working on its development and is at the disposal of its customers to best meet their needs.


Join Léonart & connect your venue to your audience